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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2010. Número 32 (19)

Are neck pain scales and questionnaires compatible with the international classification of functioning, disability and health? A systematic review
Manuela L. Ferreira, Bruna M. Borges, Isabella L. Rezende, Luciana P. Carvalho, Luiz P. S. Soares, Roberto Abou IdDabes, Gabriela Carvalho, Adriana S. Drummond, Gustavo C. Machado, Paulo H. Ferreira pp 1539-1546
Research Papers
Job coach factors associated with community-based employment service programme outcome measures for people with disabilities – a Taiwan case study
Wang Yun-Tung pp 1547-1557
Validation of the patient activation measure in a multiple sclerosis clinic sample and implications for care
Lara Stepleman, Marie-Christine Rutter, Judith Hibbard, Lisa Johns, Dustin Wright, Mary Hughes pp 1558-1567
Intra- and inter-rater reliability and validity of the Ottawa Sitting Scale: a new tool to characterise sitting balance in acute care patients
Marianne Thornton, Heidi Sveistrup pp 1568-1575
Illness perceptions and mood states are associated with injury-related outcomes in athletes
C. Paul van Wilgen, Ad A. Kaptein, Michel S. Brink 1576-1585
A hierarchical categorisation of tasks in mobility disability
Hui-Ya Chen, Ching-Yi Wang, Ming-Yung Lee, Pei-Fang Tang, Yu-Hsiu Chu, Mein-Woei Suen 1586-1593
Restoration of gait and motor recovery by functional electrical stimulation therapy in persons with stroke
Sukanta K. Sabut, Chanda Sikdar, Ramkrishna Mondal, Ratnesh Kumar, Manjunatha Mahadevappa pp 1594-1603
Racial disparities in stroke functional outcomes upon discharge from inpatient rehabilitation facilities
Koen Putman, Susan Horn, Randall Smout, Gerben Dejong, Daniel Deutscher, Wenqiang Tian, Ching-Hui Hsieh pp 1604-1611
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
Physical disability, recent illnesses and health self-assessment in a population-based study in São Paulo, Brazil
Shamyr S. De Castro, Chester L. G. Cesar, Luana Carandina, Marilisa B.A. Barros, Maria C.G.P. Alves, Moisés Goldbaum pp 1612-1615
Post-earthquake Haiti: the critical role for rehabilitation services following a humanitarian crisis
Michel D. Landry, Colleen O'Connell, Gaetan Tardif, Anthony Burns pp 1616-1618
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