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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2010. Número 32 (10)

Research Papers

Pilot study of participating in a fatigue management programme for clients with multiple sclerosis
Frances Twomey, Katie Robinson pp 791-800

Six-day course of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation plus occupational therapy for post-stroke patients with upper limb hemiparesis: A case series study
Wataru Kakuda, Masahiro Abo, Nobuyoshi Kaito, Atsushi Ishikawa, Kensuke Taguchi, Aki Yokoi pp 801-807
A self-management program for low vision: Program overview and pilot evaluation
Gwyneth Rees, Jill E. Keeffe, Jennifer Hassell, Melanie Larizza, Ecosse Lamoureux pp 808-815

Physical-activity coaching and health status in rheumatoid arthritis: A person-oriented approach
Emma S. Sjöquist, Lena Almqvist, Pernilla Åsenlöf, Jon Lampa, Christina H. Opava pp 816-825
Comparison of lengths of hospital stay after surgery and mortality in elderly hip fracture patients between Japan and the United States – the relationship between the lengths of hospital stay after surgery and mortality
Akiko Kondo, Brenda K. Zierler, Yayoi Isokawa, Hiroshi Hagino, Yayoi Ito, Michael Richerson pp 826-835

Poor psychological health status among patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases and osteoarthritis in multidisciplinary rehabilitation: Need for a routine psychological assessment
Johanna Vriezekolk, Agnes Eijsbouts, Andrea Evers, Annemiek Stenger, Frank Van Den Hoogen, Wim van Lankveld pp 836-844

Perceptions of disability among mothers of children with disability in Bangladesh: Implications for rehabilitation service delivery
Priya K. Maloni, Elisabeth R. Despres, Joanna Habbous, Andrea R. Primmer, Jeffrey B. Slatten, Barbara E. Gibson, Michel D. Landry pp 845-854
Rehabilitation in Practice

'They don't know how to defend themselves' Talk about disability and HIV risk in South Africa
Poul Rohleder pp 855-863
Perspectives on Rehabilitation

Recovery from acute injury: Clinical, methodological and philosophical considerations
David Mark Walton, Joy C. Macdermid, Warren Nielson pp 864-874
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