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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2010. Número 32 (9)


Use of the LIFE-H in stroke rehabilitation: A structured review of its psychometric properties
Sabrina Figueiredo, Nicol Korner-Bitensky, Annie Rochette, Johanne Desrosiers pp 705-712
Research Papers

Lung transplant recipients' views on the integration of their new organs
Gerald Ullrich, Sandra Schmidt, Elfriede Scharf, Jens Penkert, Jost Niedermeyer, Wolfgang Schulz pp 713-722

Pain prevalence and its impact on the quality of life in a sample of Turkish children with cerebral palsy
Emine Handan Tüzün, Duygu Korkem Guven, Levent Eker pp 723-728

Experiences of psychosocial adjustment within 18 months of amputation: an interpretative phenomenological analysis
Roger Hamill, Suzanne Carson, Martin Dorahy pp 729-740

Project Shake-It-Up: Using health promotion, capacity building and a disability studies framework to increase self efficacy
Pamela Block, Elizabeth A. Vanner, Christopher B. Keys, James H. Rimmer, Sarah Everhart Skeels pp 741-754

The effect of a training program combined with augmented afferent feedback from the feet using shoe insoles on gait performance and muscle power in older adults: a randomised controlled trial
Antonia Hartmann, Kurt Murer, Rob A. de Bie, Eling D. de Bruin pp 755-764
Exploring older peoples' experiences of nocturia: A poorly recognised urinary condition that limits participation
Joanne Margaret Booth, Margaret Lawrence, Kenneth O'Neill, Laura Mcmillan pp 765-774

Perceived spasticity in chronic spinal cord injured patients: Associations with psychological factors
Gerlienke E. Voerman, Cathelijne V. Erren-Wolters, Judith F. Fleuren, Hermie J. Hermens, Alexander C. Geurts pp 775-780
Rehabilitation in Practice

A description and evaluation of an innovative rural rehabilitation programme in South Eastern Australia
B. Dow, Kirsten Moore, Jillian M. Dunbar, Joan Nankervis, Susan Hunt pp 781-789
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