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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2010. Número 32 (8)


Workplace involvement improves return to work rates among employees with back pain on long-term sick leave: a systematic review of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of interventions
Christopher Carroll, Jo Rick, Hazel Pilgrim, Jackie Cameron, Jim Hillage pp 607-621
Research Papers

Immediate effects of the central posteroanterior mobilization technique on pain and range of motion in patients with mechanical neck pain
Rotsalai Kanlayanaphotporn, Adit Chiradejnant, Roongtiwa Vachalathiti pp 622-628

Becoming mothers. Multiple sclerosis and motherhood: A qualitative study
Deborah Payne, Kathryn M. McPherson pp 629-938

Are features of the neighborhood environment associated with disability in older adults?
Daniel K. White, Alan M. Jette, David T. Felson, Michael P. Lavalley, Cora E. Lewis, James C. Torner, Michael C. Nevitt, Julie J. Keysor pp 639-645
Perspectives on Rehabilitation

Best practise use in stroke rehabilitation: From trials and tribulations to solutions!
Anita Menon, Nicol Korner Bitensky, Sharon Straus 646-649
Rehabilitation in Practice

Disability and return to work outcomes after traumatic brain injury: Results from the Washington State Industrial Insurance Fund
Ronald M. Wrona pp 650-655
Rehabilitation and Practice

Establishing a training programme for rehabilitation aides in Haiti: Successes, challenges, and dilemmas
Jeffrey K. Bigelow pp 656-663
Case Report

USA paralympic team archer with McCune Albright Syndrome: A retrospective case report
Nick Larsen, John Nyland, Craig S. Roberts pp 664-668
Case Studies

Effects of an intensive, task-specific rehabilitation program for individuals with chronic stroke: A case series
Stephanie A. Combs, Stephanie P. Kelly, Rebecca Barton, Megan Ivaska, Kara Nowak pp 669-678

Effects of dance on balance and gait in severe Parkinson disease: A case study
Madeleine E. Hackney, Gammon M. Earhart pp 679-684
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