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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2010. Número 32 (4)


Statistical methods in epidemiology. IX. Survival (failure-time) models
Alan S. Rigby, Jufen Zhang, Kevin M. Goode pp 267-272

Impact of caring for individuals with stroke on perceived physical health of informal caregivers
Katherine Salter, Laura Zettler, Norine Foley, Robert Teasell pp 273-281

Interventions for hemiplegic shoulder pain: Systematic review of randomised controlled trials
Yun Hyung Koog, Sang Sik Jin, Kwon Yoon, Byung-Il Min pp 282-291
Research Papers

Exploring activity limitations and sick leave among patients with spinal pain participating in multidisciplinary rehabilitation
Britt Elfving, Malin Åsell, Charlotte Lüning Bergsten, Kristina Alexanderson pp 292-299

The role of pain for early rehabilitation in fast track total knee arthroplasty
Bente Holm, Morten Tange Kristensen, Lis Myhrmann, Henrik Husted, Lasse Ostergaard Andersen, Billy Kristensen, Henrik Kehlet pp 300-306
Controlled 3-year follow-up of a multidisciplinary pain rehabilitation program in primary health care
Anders Westman, Steven J. Linton, John Öhrvik, Petra Wahlén, Töres Theorell, Jerzy Leppert pp 307-316

The relationship among frequency and type of internet use, perceived social support, and sense of well-being in individuals with visual impairments
Susan Miller Smedema, Amy R. McKenzie pp 317-325

The functional impact of a traumatic hand injury on people who live in rural and remote locations
Gail Kingston, Bronwyn Tanner, Marion Alexandra Gray pp 326-335

Determining metabolic equivalent values of physical activities for persons with paraplegia
Miyoung Lee, Weimo Zhu, Brad Hedrick, Bo Fernhall pp 336-343

Course of health-related quality of life in 9–16-year-old children with cerebral palsy: Associations with gross motor abilities and mental health
Cees G. C. Janssen, Jeanine M. Voorman, Jules G. Becher, Annet J. Dallmeijer, Carlo Schuengel pp 344-351
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