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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2010. Número 32 (2)


A critical review of gender issues in understanding prolonged disability related to musculoskeletal pain: how are they relevant to rehabilitation?
Daniel Côté, Marie-France Coutu pp 87-102
Research Papers

The break remains – Elderly people's experiences of a hip fracture 1 year after discharge
Lena Zidén, Marianne Hansson Scherman, Claes-göran Wenestam pp 103-113

Questions that individuals with spinal cord injury have regarding their chronic pain: A qualitative study
Carrie Norman, Jacqueline L. Bender, Jaime Macdonald, Marcia Dunn, Scott Dunne, Bo Siu, Sander L. Hitzig, Alejandro R. Jadad, Judith Hunter pp 114-124

Loss of autonomy, control and independence when caring: A qualitative study of informal carers of stroke survivors in the first three months after discharge
Nan Greenwood, Ann Mackenzie, Geoffrey Cloud, Nikki Wilson pp 125-133

Disease impact and disease-unrelated strain in parents of children with rheumatic disease: Is there an influence on disease-related information needs?*
Angelika Thon, Gerald Ullrich pp 134-141

Psychological intervention targets for people with visual impairments: The importance of cognitive coping and goal adjustment
Nadia Garnefski, Vivian Kraaij, Marjolein De Graaf, Lianne Karels pp 142-147
Rehabilitation in Practice

Women with disabilities' experiences of government employment assistance in Canada
Vera Chouinard pp 148-158
Patient centered goal-setting in a subacute rehabilitation setting
Emma Leach, Petrea Cornwell, Jenny Fleming, Terrence Haines pp 159-172
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