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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2009. Número 31 (22)

Research Papers
The impact of communication disability on interdisciplinary discussion in rehabilitation case conferences
Alison Ferguson; Linda Worrall; Sue Sherratt pp 1795-1807
Activity focused and goal directed therapy for children with cerebral palsy – Do goals make a difference?
Kristina Löwing; Annmarie Bexelius; Eva Brogren Carlberg pp 1808-1816
What are the experiences of adults returning to work following recovery from Guillain-Barré syndrome? An interpretative phenomenological analysis
Emma Royal; Frances Ann Reynolds; Henry Houlden pp 1817-1827
Perceptions of family participation among parents of children with cerebral palsy followed from infancy to toddler hood
I. C. M. Rentinck ; J. W. Gorter ; M. Ketelaar ; E. Lindeman ;M. J. Jongmans pp 1828-1837
The effect of disability on personal quality of primary care received by older adults
Chun-Ju Hsiao ; Karen Bandeen-Roche ; Jill A. Marsteller ;Bruce A. Leff pp 1835-1842
Women living with disabilities and their experiences and issues related to the context and complexities of leaving abusive situations
Karen K. Yoshida ; Fran Odette ; Susan Hardie ; Heather Willis ;Mary Bunch pp 1843-1852
First rehabilitation consultation in patients of non-native origin: Factors that lead to tension in the patient–physician interaction
M. Sloots ; E. F. Scheppers ; E. A. C. Bartels ; J. H. M. Dekker ; J. H. B. Geertzen ;J. Dekker pp 1853-1861
Post-acute rehabilitation care for older people in community hospitals and general hospitals – Philosophies of care and patients' and caregivers' reported experiences: A qualitative study
Neil Small ; John Green ; Joanna Spink ; Anne Forster ;John Young pp 1862-1872
Rehabilitation in Practice
Long-term clinical outcomes of Iranian veterans with unilateral transfemoral amputation
Mohammad H. Ebrahimzadeh ;Asieh Sadat Fattahi pp 1873-1877
Phantom pain in bilateral upper limb amputation
Ehsan Modirian ; Hadi Shojaei ; Mohammad Reza Soroush ;Mahdi Masoumi pp 1878-1881
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