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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2009. Número 31 (20)

Ambulatory rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis
Kevin John Kelleher; William Spence; Stephan Solomonidis; Dimitrios Apatsidis pp 1625-1632
Research Papers
Factors affecting measures of activities and participation in persons with mobility impairment
Joy Wee; Rosemary Lysaght pp 1633-1642
The experience of partners of young stroke survivors
Karin Buschenfeld; Reg Morris; Sally Lockwood pp 1643-1651
Exploring physical activity behaviour of persons with multiple sclerosis: a qualitative pilot study
Matthew A. Plow; Linda Resnik; Susan M. Allen pp 1652-1665
Evaluation of an outpatient, peer group intervention for people with acquired brain injury based on the ICF 'Environment' dimension
Jennifer Fleming; Pim Kuipers; Michele Foster; Sharon Smith; Emmah Doig pp 1666-1675
The effect of a Web-based stroke intervention on carers' well-being and survivors' use of healthcare services
Linda L. Pierce; Victoria L. Steiner; Sadik A. Khuder; Amy L. Govoni; Lawrence J. Horn pp 1676-1684
Limitations in activities in patients with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee: The relationship with body functions, comorbidity and cognitive functioning
Gabriella M. van Dijk; Cindy Veenhof; Guus J. Lankhorst; Joost Dekker pp 1685-1691
Work stress and work ability: cross-sectional findings from the German sociomedical panel of employees
Matthias Bethge; Friedrich Michael Radoschewski; Werner Müller-Fahrnow pp 1692-1699
Anxiety in driving assessment of individuals with cognitive impairment
Judith Leung; Frank P. Deane; Joanne E. Taylor; Vida V. Bliokas pp 1700-1708
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