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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2009. Número 31 (19)

Outcome measures in amputation rehabilitation: ICF body functions
Jackie S. Hebert; Dalton L. Wolfe; William C. Miller; A. Barry Deathe; Michael Devlin; Luljeta Pallaveshi pp 1541-1554
Research Papers
Resuming previously valued activities post-stroke: who or what helps?
J. Robison; R. Wiles; C. Ellis-Hill; K. McPherson; D. Hyndman; A. Ashburn pp 1555-1566
Multiple sclerosis: prevalence and factors impacting bladder and bowel function in an Australian community cohort
Fary Khan; Julie F. Pallant; Tracey L. Shea; Michael Whishaw pp 1567-1576
Trauma-related appraisals and coping styles of injured adults with and without symptoms of PTSD and their relationship to work potential
Lynda R. Matthews; Lynne M. Harris; Steven Cumming pp 1577-1583
Facilitators and barriers of stroke survivors in the early post-stroke phase
Beatrix Algurén; Åsa Lundgren-Nilsson; Katharina Stibrant Sunnerhagen pp 1584-1591
Relationship between participation in life situations and life satisfaction in persons with late effects of polio
Maria Larsson Lund; Jan Lexell pp 1592-1597
Physiological cost of walking in those with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS): A case-control study
Lorna Paul; Danny Rafferty; Rebecca Marshal pp 1598-1604
The complex interplay between pain intensity, depression, anxiety and catastrophising with respect to quality of life and disability
Björn Börsbo; Michael Peolsson; Björn Gerdle pp 1605-1613
Job functions of Swedish public and private sector vocational rehabilitation workers
Patrick B. Millet; Pauli Vaittinen pp 1614-1624
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