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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2009. Número 31 (18)

Selection of outcome measures in lower extremity amputation rehabilitation: ICF activities
A. Barry Deathe; Dalton L. Wolfe; Michael Devlin; Jackie S. Hebert; William C. Miller; Luljeta Pallaveshi pp 1455-1473
Issues in the use of visual supports to promote communication in individuals with autism spectrum disorder
Michael Arthur-Kelly; Jeff Sigafoos; Vanessa Green; Bernice Mathisen; Racheal Arthur-Kelly pp 1474-1486
Research Papers
Work loss following stroke
Wilz Gabriele; Soellner Renate pp 1487-1493
What treatment packages do UK physiotherapists use to treat postural control and mobility problems after stroke?
S. F. Tyson; L. A. Connell; S. Lennon; M. E. Busse pp 1494-1500
Acute ischemic stroke: Relationship of brain lesion location & functional outcome
Mahmoud Ezzat Nazzal; Mohammed Ahmed Saadah; Loai Mohammed Saadah; Suad Mustafa Trebinjac pp 1501-1506
Rehabilitation in Practice
Rehabilitation content and clinical stroke subtype: a small observational study
Jennifer Lemon; Ann Ashburn; Dorit Hyndman pp 1507-1513
What type of service provision do patients with chronic pain want from primary care providers?
Karen Kirby; Lynn Dunwoody; Rob Millar pp 1514-1519
Clinical Commentary
Medicalising disability? Regulation and practice around fitness assessment of disabled students and professionals in nursing, social work and teaching professions in Great Britain
Chih Hoong Sin pp 1520-1528
Case Study
An insider's view on person-centred rehabilitation: A case study
Els R. Nieuwenhuijsen pp 1529-1539
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