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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2009. Número 31 (15)

Research Papers
Factors explaining return to work for long-term sick workers in Norway
Bodil J. Landstad; Christian Wendelborg; Marianne Hedlund pp 1215-1226
Participation in daily activities and social roles of older adults with visual impairment
Johanne Desrosiers; Marie-Chantal Wanet-Defalque; Khatoune Témisjian; Jacques Gresset; Marie-France Dubois; Judith Renaud; Claude Vincent; Jacqueline Rousseau; Mathieu Carignan; Olga Overbury pp 1227-1234
Post-concussion symptoms after mild traumatic brain injury: influence of demographic factors and injury severity in a 1-year cohort study
Cecilie Roe; Unni Sveen; Kristin Alvsaker; Erik Bautz-Holter pp 1235-1243
Related Articles
Informal care giving to more disabled people with multiple sclerosis
Robert J. Buchanan; Dagmar Radin; Bonnie J. Chakravorty; Tuula Tyry pp 1244-1256
Influences on individuals with osteoarthritis in deciding to undergo a hip or knee joint replacement: A qualitative study
Gretl A. McHugh; Karen A. Luker pp 1257-1266
Predictors of daily mobility skills 6 months post-discharge from acute care or rehabilitation in older adults with stroke living at home
Nicole Paquet; Johanne Desrosiers; Louise Demers; Line Robichaud; Brad Group pp 1267-1274
Can personal and environmental factors explain participation of older adults?
Dana Anaby; William C. Miller; Janice J. Eng; Tal Jarus; Luc Noreau; PACC Research Group pp 1275-1282
Rehabilitation in Practice
Long-term ophthalmic health care in Usher Syndrome type I from an ICF perspective
Kerstin Moller; Kristina Eriksson; André M. Sadeghi; Claes Möller; Berth Danermark pp 1283-1292
Effects of introducing an allied health assessment pro forma on the management of acute stroke patients
Alena Scurrah; Lorraine Sheppard; Petra Buttner pp 1293-1299
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