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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2009. Número 31 (12)

A review of the definitions of 'recovery' used in prognostic studies on whiplash using an ICF framework
David Walton pp 943-957
Research Papers
Kinematic analysis of a functional and sequential bimanual task in patients with left hemiparesis: intra-limb and interlimb coordination
Ching-Yi Wu; Shih-Han Chou; Chiung-Ling Chen; Mei-Ying Kuo; Tung-Wu Lu; Yang-Chieh Fu pp 958-966
Utilisation of patient perspective to validate clinical measures of outcome following spinal cord injury
Jennifer Dunn; Anne K. Sinnott; Joanne Nunnerley; Monika Scheuringer pp 967-975
Now let me tell you in my own words: narratives of acute and chronic low back pain
Kerryellen Vroman; Rebecca Warner; Kerry Chamberlain pp 976-987
The measurement of self-efficacy in persons with spinal cord injury: psychometric validation of the moorong self-efficacy scale
Susan M. Miller pp 988-993
Does participation in interdisciplinary work rehabilitation programme influence return to work obstacles and predictive factors?
Elyse Marois; Marie-José Durand pp 994-1007
Adding a subjective dimension to an ICF-based disability measure for people with multiple sclerosis: development and use of a measure for perception of disabilities
Klaske Wynia; Berrie Middel; Han de Ruiter; Jitse P. van Dijk; Willem S. Lok; Jacques H. A. de Keyser; Sijmen A. Reijneveld pp 1008-1017
The International classification of functioning, disability and health - children and youth (ICF-CY): testing its utility in classifying information from eco-cultural family interviews with ethnically diverse families with children with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan
Rano Zakirova-Engstrand; Mats Granlund pp 1018-1030
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