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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2009. Número 31 (10)

Research Papers
Managing an everyday life of uncertainty - A qualitative study of coping in persons with mild stroke
Gunnel E. Carlsson; Anders Möller; Christian Blomstrand pp 773-782
Socioeconomic status predicts functional disability in patients participating in a back pain trial
J.A. Klaber Moffett; M. R. Underwood; E. D. Gardiner pp 783-790
Self reported function and disability in late life: a comparison between recurrent fallers and non-fallers
Itshak Melzer; Ilan Kurz pp 791-798
Health-related quality of life and physical activity in persons at high risk for type 2 diabetes
Arja Häkkinen; Anna Kukka; Tanja Onatsu; Salme Järvenpää; Ari Heinonen; Heikki Kyröläinen; Pablo Tomas-Carus; Mauri Kallinen pp 799-805
Functional outcomes of standard dysphagia treatment in first time documented stroke patients
Betty L. McMicken; Cheryl L. Muzzy pp 806-817
Falls among stroke survivors: an online survey on perceptions and approaches among physiotherapists in Flanders
T. Baetens; W. Peersman; D. Cambier pp 818-824
The UK FIM+FAM Extended Activities of Daily Living module: evaluation of scoring accuracy and reliability
Janet Law; Beverley Fielding; Diana Jackson; Lynne Turner-Stokes pp 825-830
Recovery after stroke: a 1-year profile
N. Frances Horgan; Myra O'regan; Conal J. Cunningham; Ann M. Finn pp 831-839
Acute low back pain: clinical course and prognostic factors
Eda Gurcay; Ajda Bal; Emel Eksioglu; Askin Esen Hasturk; Ahmet Gurhan Gurcay; Aytul Cakci pp 840-845
Exploratory findings with virtual reality for phantom limb pain; from stump motion to agency and analgesia
Jonathan Cole; Simon Crowle; Greg Austwick; David Henderson Slater pp 846-854
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