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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2008. Número 30 (23)

Research Papers
"We need to be the centrepiece": Adults with cerebral palsy and complex communication needs discuss the roles and needs of family carers in hospital
Bronwyn Hemsley; Susan Balandin; Leanne Togher pp 1759-1771
Purposiveness, physical activity, and perceived health in cardiac patients
Carole K. Holahan; Charles J. Holahan; Rie Suzuki pp 1772-1778

Depression and cognitions after stroke: Validation of the Stroke Cognitions Questionnaire Revised (SCQR)
Shirley A. Thomas; Nadina B. Lincoln pp 1779-1785

Does a cognitive-training programme improve the performance of middle-aged employees undergoing in-patient psychosomatic treatment?
Stefanie Wagner; Rainer Kaschel; Soumlnke Paulsen; Franz Bleichner; Rudolf J. Knickenberg; Manfred E. Beutel pp 1786-1793
Cognitive complaints, neuropsychological performance and affective disorders in elderly community residents
I. Rouch; C. Thomas Anterion; V. Dauphinot; J. Kerleroux; F. Roche; J. C. Barthelemy; B. Laurent pp 1794-1802
Perceptions of older people living in the community about their fear of falling
Fiona Lee; Lynette Mackenzie; Carole James pp 1803-1811

Poor functional status immediately after discharge from an intensive care unit
Marike van der Schaaf; Daniela S. Dettling; Anita Beelen; Cees Lucas; Dave A. Dongelmans; Frans Nollet pp 1812-1818
Rehabilitation in Practice
Supported-employment practice in the UK: Evidence about an emerging occupational group
Justine Schneider pp 1819-1828
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