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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2009. Número 31 (8)

Research Papers

Psychosocial adjustment to multiple sclerosis: exploration of identity redefinition
H. Irvine; C. Davidson; K. Hoy; A. Lowe-Strong pp 599-606

The health and psychosocial functioning of caregivers of children with neurodevelopmental disorders
Lucyna M. Lach; Dafna E. Kohen; Rochelle E. Garner; Jamie C. Brehaut; Anton R. Miller; Anne F. Klassen; Peter L. Rosenbaum pp 607-618

Encountering staff in the home: Three older adults' experience during six months of home-based rehabilitation
Kjersti Vik; Louise Nygaringrd; Margareta Lilja pp 619-629

Occupational therapy treatment with right half-field eye-patching for patients with subacute stroke and unilateral neglect: A randomised controlled trial
M. H. M. Tsang; K. H. Sze; K. N. K. Fong pp 630-637

Influence of foot orthoses on plantar pressures, foot pain and walking ability of rheumatoid arthritis patients-a randomised controlled study
Primoz Novak; Helena Burger; Matija Tomsic; Crt Marincek; Gaj Vidmar pp 638-645

The persistence of stuttering behaviours in older people
Geraldine Bricker-Katz; Michelle Lincoln; Patricia McCabe pp 646-658

Impact of visual impairment on service and device use by individuals with diabetic retinopathy
Jordana K. Schmier; David W. Covert; G. Philip Matthews; Z. Nicholas Zakov pp 659-665

Struggle and adjustment to an insecure everyday life and an unpredictable life course
Living with juvenile idiopathic arthritis from childhood to adult life-an interview study
Ingrid Landgraff Oumlstlie; Inger Johansson; Anders Moumlller pp 666-674
Rehabilitation and Practice

A case study of the changing nature of a non-government organisation: a focus on disability and development
Karen K. Yoshida; Penny Parnes; Dina Brooks; Deb Cameron pp 675-683
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