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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2009. Número 31 (5)


Informal primary carers of stroke survivors living at home-challenges, satisfactions and coping: A systematic review of qualitative studies
Nan Greenwood; Ann Mackenzie; Geoffrey C. Cloud; Nikki Wilson pp 337-351
Research Papers

A comparison of motor abilities and perceived self-efficacy between children with hearing impairments and normal hearing children
Batya Engel-Yeger; Daphna Weissman pp 352-358

Validation of the modified assessment of living skills and resources, an IADL measure for older people
Lindy Clemson; Anita Bundy; Carolyn Unsworth; Maria Fiatarone Singh pp 359-369
Disability in end-stage knee osteoarthritis
Anna-Maija Kauppila; Eero Kylloumlnen; Paula Mikkonen; Pasi Ohtonen; Vesa Laine; Pertti Siira; Jaakko Niinimaumlki; Jari P. A. Arokoski pp 370-380

Identification of quasi-in-need-of-care state (QUINOCS) among community dwelling elderly people using a seven-item subset of the Functional Independence Measure (FIM™)
Shin Yamada; Meigen Liu; Mikio Fujimoto; Kimitaka Hase; Tetsuya Tsuji; Toshiyuki Fujiwara; Yasutomo Okajima pp 381-386

Comparing the self concept of children with cerebral palsy to the perceptions of their parents
Nicole Dunn; Nora Shields; Nicholas F. Taylor; Karen J. Dodd pp 387-393

Predicting recovery of dextrous hand function in acute stroke
Stephanie S. Y. Au-Yeung; Christina W. Y. Hui-Chan pp 394-401

Testing a home-telehealth programme for US veterans recovering from stroke and their family caregivers
Barbara J. Lutz; Neale R. Chumbler; Teresa Lyles; Nannette Hoffman; Rita Kobb pp 402-409
Rehabilitation in Practice

Psychosocial impact of participation in the National Veterans Wheelchair Games and Winter Sports Clinic
Michelle L. Sporner; Shirley G. Fitzgerald; Brad E. Dicianno; Diane Collins; Emily Teodorski; Paul F. Pasquina; Rory A. Cooper pp 410-418

Outcome of treatment of the mismanaged pediatric elbow trauma: A series of 73 cases
Mohammad Farooq Butt; Altaf A. Kawoosa; Shabir Ahmad Dhar; Munir Farooq; Mohammad Ramzan Mir; Haroon Rashid Zargar pp 419-424

Statement of retraction pp 425
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