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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2009. Número 31 (3)

Research Papers

Prerequisites for carrying out physiotherapy and physical activity - experiences from adults with cerebral palsy
Karin Sandstroumlm; Kersti Samuelsson; Birgitta Oumlberg pp 161-169

The impact of fatigue on communication in multiple sclerosis. The insider's perspective
B. E. Blaney; A. Lowe-Strong pp 170-180

Do physical disabilities affect self-perceived quality of life in adolescents?
Jau-Hong Lin; Yun-Huei Ju; Shwn-Jen Lee; Chien-Hung Lee; Hui-Yi Wang; Ya-Ling Teng; Sing Kai Lo pp 181-188

Development and psychometric properties of the Sensory Responsiveness Questionnaire (SRQ)
Tami Bar-Shalita; Ze'ev Seltzer; Jean-Jacques Vatine; Aviva Yochman; Shula Parush pp 189-201
A comparison of treadmill walking and overground walking in independently ambulant stroke patients: A pilot study
Urscaronka Puh; Gillian D. Baer pp 202-210

Helping persons with mild or moderate Alzheimer's disease recapture basic daily activities through the use of an instruction strategy
Giulio E. Lancioni; Katia Pinto; Maria L. La Martire; Alessia Tota; Valeria Rigante; Emanuela Tatulli; Elisabetta Pansini; Mauro G. Minervini; Nirbhay N. Singh; Mark F. O'Reilly; Jeff Sigafoos; Doretta Oliva pp 211-219

Management of shoulder and proximal upper limb spasticity using botulinum toxin and concurrent therapy interventions: A preliminary analysis of goals and outcomes
Stephen Ashford; Lynne Turner-Stokes pp 220-226

Psychological determinants of quality of life in patients with whiplash associated disorders-a prospective study
Lina Bunketorp Kaumlll pp 227-236

Back to work - a two-year outcome of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation programme focused on physical function and pain
Rita Sjoumlstroumlm; Marie Alricsson; Ragnar Asplund; Mikael Nordenmark pp 237-242

Reliability and validity of the modified functional reach test at the sub-acute stage post-stroke
Michal Katz-Leurer; Iris Fisher; Martin Neeb; Isabella Schwartz; Eli Carmeli pp 243-248
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