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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2008. Número 30 (19)

Community ambulation: Environmental impacts and assessment inadequacies
Rosemary Corrigan; Helen McBurney pp 1411-1419
Research Papers

Random perturbation: A potential aid in treatment of children with cerebral palsy
S. Bar-Haim; N. Harries; M. Belokopytov; E. Lahat; J. Kaplanski pp 1420-1428
Multivariate relationships between pain intensity and other aspects of health in rheumatoid arthritis-cross sectional and five year longitudinal analyses (the Swedish TIRA project)
Mathilda Bjoumlrk; Bjoumlrn Gerdle; Ingrid Thyberg; Michael Peolsson pp 1429-1438

Therapeutic effects of strengthening exercise on gait function of cerebral palsy
Jung Hwan Lee; In Young Sung; Jong Yoon Yoo pp 1439-1444

What does participation mean? An insider perspective from people with disabilities
Joy Hammel; Susan Magasi; Allen Heinemann; Gale Whiteneck; Jennifer Bogner; Evelyn Rodriguez pp 1445-1460

Sickness absence management: Encouraging attendance or 'risk-taking' presenteeism in employees with chronic illness?
Fehmidah Munir; Joanna Yarker; Cheryl Haslam pp 1461-1472
The affective aspect of subjective well-being among Chinese people with and without spinal cord injuries
Nan Zhang Hampton pp 1473-1479
Fatigue in multiple sclerosis patients during inpatient rehabilitation
A. Romberg; J. Ruutiainen; P. Puukka; L. Poikkeus pp 1480-1485
Understanding and negotiating: Reasoning processes used by an occupational therapist to individualize intervention decisions for people with upper limb hypertonicity
Jodie Copley; Merrill Turpin; Jessica Brosnan; Alison Nelson pp 1486-1498
Patient-driven loop control for hand function restoration in a non-invasive functional electrical stimulation system
Ying-Han Chiou; Jer-Junn Luh; Shih-Ching Chen; Yu-Luen Chen; Jin-Shin Lai; Te-Son Kuo pp 1499-1505
Rehabilitation in Practice

Stroke rehabilitation information for clients and families: Assessing the quality of the StrokEngine-Family website
Annie Rochette; Nicol Korner-Bitensky; Valerie Tremblay; Lorie Kloda pp 1506-1512
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