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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2008. Número 30 (9)

Research Papers
Back to work-evaluation of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation programme with emphasis on musculoskeletal disorders. A two-year follow-up
Rita Sjoumlstroumlm; Marie Alricsson; Ragnar Asplund pp 649-655
The relative and absolute reliability of two balance performance measures in chronic stroke patients
Lih-Jiun Liaw; Ching-Lin Hsieh; Sing-Kai Lo; Hui-Mei Chen; Su Lee; Jau-Hong Lin pp 656-661
What can we learn from the personal insights of individuals living and coping with Multiple Sclerosis?
K. S. Malcomson; A. S. Lowe-Strong; L. Dunwoody pp 662-674
Long-term outcome of superficialis-to-profundus tendon transfer in patients with clenched fist due to spastic hemiplegia
I. C. M. Heijnen; R. J. P. Franken; B. J. W. Bevaart; J. W. G. Meijer pp 675-678
The patient's view of recovery: An emerging tool for empowerment through self-knowledge
Margaret G. Stineman; Ashley E. Kurz; Deirdre Kelleher; Bonnie L. Kennedy pp 679- 688
A longitudinal comparison of consumer-directed and agency-directed personal assistance service programmes among persons with physical disabilities
Mary J. Clark; Kristofer J. Hagglund; Ashley K. Sherman pp 689-695
Rehabilitation in Practice
Feasibility of a new community-based geriatric intervention programme: An exploration of experiences of GPs, nurses, geriatricians, patients and caregivers
Monique van Eijken; Reneacute Melis; Michel Wensing; Marcel Olde Rikkert; Theo van Achterberg pp 696-708
Rehabilitation psychology: Meeting the needs of individuals with acquired disabilities in Ireland
Erick Johnstone; Jane Walsh; Simone Carton; Rosemary Fish pp 709-715
Clinical Commentary
The impact of psychological factors in recovery following surgery for hip fracture
Rebekah Proctor; Rachel Wade; Yvonne Woodward; Neil Pendleton; Robert Baldwin; Nicholas Tarrier; Michael Horan; Alistair Burns pp 716-722
Case Study
Therapeutic effects of electrical stimulation on manual function of children with cerebral palsy: Evaluation of two cases
Adriane Provezano Barbosa; Daniela Virgiacutenia Vaz; Ana Paula Bensemann Gontijo; Seacutergio Teixeira Fonseca; Marisa Cotta Mancini pp 723-728
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