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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2008. Número 30 (5)

Research paper
Perceptual-motor coordination in persons with mild intellectual disability
Eli Carmeli; Tamar Bar-Yossef; Claudette Ariav; Ran Levy; Dario G. Liebermann pp 323-329
Clinical prognostic factors for bladder function recovery of patients with spinal cord and cauda equina lesions
G. Scivoletto; E. Cosentino; B. Morganti; S. Farchi; M. Molinari pp 330-337
Postnatal cerebral infection leading to hemiplegic cerebral palsy: Clinical description of 13 children in Stockholm, Sweden
Elsa Tillberg; Ulrika Radell; P. Åmark pp 338-347
The use of classification models in the evaluation of CBR programmes
Harry Finkenflügel; Huib Cornielje; Johan Velema pp 348-354
Clinical significance of specific spinal mobilization for patients with ankylosing spondylitis evaluated by quantitative assessments and patient interviews
Anne Marit Mengshoel; Hilde Stendal Robinson pp 355-364
'It was hard but you did it': the co-production of 'work' in a clinical setting among spinal cord injured adults and their physical therapists
Christina Papadimitriou pp 365-374
The demand for rehabilitation therapists in Beijing health organizations over the next five years
Wei Bo; Dai Hong; Liu Xuezong; Xiao Zhongxin pp 375-380
Intrathecal phenol: an old treatment revisited
Colin Pinder; Bipin Bhakta; Krishna Kodavali pp 381-386
Functional activities of the upper extremity of young adults with cerebral palsy: A limiting factor for participation?
J. van Meeteren; M. E. Roebroeck; E. Celen; M. Donkervoort; H. J. Stam; Transition Research Group South West Netherlands pp 387-395
Rehabilitation in Practice
Gains and losses of structured information collection in the evaluation of 'rehabilitation in the community' programmes: Ten lessons learnt during actual evaluations
Johan P. Velema; Harry J. M. Finkenflügel; Huib Cornielje pp 396-404
Clinical Commentary
Intrathecal Baclofen: A discussion on impact that medical advances can have on the individual and the implications this has for a society that is built on an ethic of social medicine
Anika A. Baddeley pp 405-410
Case Study
Effects of transcutaneous electrical stimulation combined with locomotion-like movement in the treatment of post-stroke gait disorder: a single-case study. Short report
Shigeo Tanabe; Tomofumi Yamaguchi; Tomoko Watanabe; Yoshihiro Muraoka; Yoshihisa Masakado pp 411-416
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