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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2008. Número 30 (15)

Community ambulation: Influences on therapists and clients reasoning and decision making
Rosemary Corrigan; Helen McBurney 1079-1087
Research Papers
A qualitative investigation of adaptation in older individuals with multiple sclerosis
Terry A. Dilorenzo; Jill Becker-Feigeles; June Halper; Mary Ann Picone pp 1088-1097
Decreased muscle strength following management of breast cancer
C. R. Merchant; T. Chapman; S. L. Kilbreath; K. M. Refshauge; K. Krupa pp 1098-1105

The mobility scale for lower limb amputees: The SIGAM/WAP mobility scale
G. M. Rommers; N. H. Ryall; A. Kap; F. De Laat; H. Van Der Linde pp 1106-1115

Effects of concurrent cognitive task on pre-landing muscle response latency during stepping down activity in older adults with and without a history of falls
William W. N. Tsang; Ken Y. T. Lee; Amy S. N. Fu pp 1116-1122

The Pain Belief Screening Instrument (PBSI): Predictive validity for disability status in persistent musculoskeletal pain
Maria Sandborgh; Per Lindberg; Eva Denison pp 1123-1130

Indicators of choking risk in adults with learning disabilities: A questionnaire survey and interview study
Alice Thacker; Adam Abdelnoor; Claire Anderson; Sarah White; Sheila Hollins pp 1131-1138
Rehabilitation in Practice
Who gets the disability grant in South Africa? An analysis of the characteristics of recipients in urban and rural areas
Jennifer Jelsma; Soraya Maart; Arne Eide; Mzolisi Toni; Mitch Loeb pp 1139-1145
An Italian experience in the ICF implementation in rehabilitation: Preliminary theoretical and practical considerations
M. Maini; U. Nocentini; A. Prevedini; A. Giardini; E. Muscolo pp 1146-1152
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