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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 1999. Número 21 (5-6)

Introduction: Ageing and disabilities pp 193-195
Kristan J. Aronson; Mary Ann McColl

Activity limitation and chronic conditions in Canada's elderly, 1986 2011 pp 196-210
Eric G. Moore; Mark W. Rosenberg; Susan H. Fitzgibbon

Gains in health expectancy from the elimination of diseases among older people pp 211-221
Colin D. Mathers

Receptivity to new technology among older adults pp 222-230
Zachary Zimmer; Neena L. Chappell

Expectations of independence and life satisfaction among ageing spinal cord injured adults pp 231-240
Mary Ann Mccoll; Paul Stirling; Janice Walker; Paul Corey; Russell Wilkins

Depression and life satisfaction among people ageing with post-polio and spinal cord injury pp 241-249
Bryan J. Kemp; J. Stuart Krause

Ageing with spinal cord injury: the impact of spousal support pp 250-257
Richard Holicky; Susan Charlifue

Disablement following stroke pp 258-268
Nancy E. Mayo; Sharon Wood-Dauphinee; Sara Ahmed; Carron Gordon; Johanne Higgins; Sara Mcewen; Nancy Salbach

Energy medicine for long-term disabilities pp 269-276
Roberta B. Trieschmann

Residential transitions from nursing homes for adults with cerebral palsy pp 277-283
Tamar Heller; Alan R. Factor; Joan Earle Hahn

Mortality and morbidity among older adults with intellectual disability: health services considerations pp 284-294
Matthew P. Janicki; Arthur J. Dalton; C. Michael Henderson; Philip W. Davidson

Measuring disability with parsimony pp 295-306
Lois M. Verbrugge; Susan S. Merrill; Xian Liu

The International Rehabilitation Medicine Association (IRMA): News and Views pp 307-309
Donna Jones
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