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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2003. Número 25 (9)

Reliability of scores between stroke patients and significant others on the Reintegration to Normal Living (RNL) Index pp 433-440
Leigh Tooth; KRYSS McKENNA; Melinda Smith; Peter O'Rourke

The coping responses of the adolescent siblings of children with severe disabilities pp 441-454
Sannette Opperman; Erna Alant

Physiotherapy practice in stroke rehabilitation: a survey pp 455-461
Sheila Lennon

Development and reliability of the General Motor Function Assessment Scale (GMF)-A performance-based measure of function-related dependence, pain and insecurity pp 462-472
Anna Cristina Aringberg; Birgitta Lindmark; Hans Lithell

Assessing unilateral neglect: shortcomings of standard test methods pp 473-479
P. Appelros; I. Nydevik; Karlsson Gm; A. Thorwalls; Seiger Aring

Health related quality of life and related factors in 539 persons with amputation of upper and lower limb pp 480-486
Katharina Demet; Noël Martinet; Francis Guillemin; Jean Paysant; Jean-Marie Andreacute
Rates of access to assistive equipment and medical rehabilitation services among people with disabilities pp 487-490
Shawn Bingham; Phillip Beatty

Self-Perceptions of speech language pathologists-in-training before and after pseudostuttering experiences on the telephone pp 491-496
Manish Rami; Joseph Kalinowski; Andrew Stuart; Michael Rastatter
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