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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2003. Número 25 (7)

An investigation into the physical accessibility to wheelchair bound students of an Institution of Higher Education in South Africa pp 305-308
L. -O. Losinsky; T. Levi; K. Saffey; J. Jelsma

Walking patterns of hip arthroplasty patients: some observations on the medio-lateral excursions of the trunk pp 309-317
L. Vogt; K. Brettmann; K. Pfeifer; W. Banzer

Impairment, disability, and life satisfaction in Parkinson's disease pp 318-323
A. Dural; M. B. Atay; C. Akbostanci; A. Kucukdeveci

Paraplegia-related alterations of bone density in forearm and hip in Greek patients after spinal cord injury pp 324-330
M. Vlychou; P. J. Papadaki; G. M. Zavras; K. Vasiou; N. Kelekis; K. N. Malizos; I. B. Fezoulidis

Lifetime physical and sexual abuse in chronic pain patients: psychosocial correlates and treatment outcomes pp 331-342
B. E. Bailey; R. N. Freedenfeld; R. Sanford Kiser; R. J. Gatchel

Satisfaction with rollators among community-living users: a follow-up study pp 343-353
Aring. Brandt; S. Iwarsson; A. Staringhl

An exploratory examination of an academic PM&R inpatient consultation service pp 354-359
David Musick; Robert Nickerson; Susan McDowell; David Gater
Evaluation and application of the General Motor Function assessment scale in geriatric rehabilitation pp 360-368
Anna Cristina Aringberg; Birgitta Lindmark; Hans Lithell
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