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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2003. Número 25 (6)

A head orientated wheelchair for people with disabilities pp 249-253
Y. -L. Chen; S. -C. Chen; W. -L. Chen; J. -F. Lin

Transportable two-dimensional gait assessment: routine service experience for orthotic provision pp 254-258
J. Stallard; P. J. Woollam

Two year survival after malignant cerebral glioma: patient and relative reports of handicap, psychiatric symptoms and rehabilitation pp 259-266
E. Davies; S. Hall; C. Clarke

Reliability and validity of the Dutch version of QUEST 2.0 with users of various types of assistive devices pp 267-272
R. D. Wessels; L. P. De Witte

Rehabilitation of a patient with critical illness polyneuropathy (CIP) following acute respiratory failure: a case report and review of literature pp 273-276
S. R. Aichenbaum; H. Ring

A new Stroke Activity Scale-results of a reliability study pp 277-285
N. F. Horgan; A. M. Finn; M. O'Regan; C. J. Cunningham

Changes in the quality of life in severely disabled people following provision of powered indoor/outdoor chairs pp 286-290
A. Davies; L. H. De Souza; A. O. Frank

Views of health professionals on discussing sexual issues with patients pp 291-296
N. H. J. Haboubi; N. Lincoln

Karaoke for quads: a new application of an old recreation with potential therapeutic benefits for people with disabilities pp 297-300
A. I. Batavia; M. Batavia

Microswitch clusters to enhance non-spastic response schemes with students with multiple disabilities pp 301-304
G. E. Lancioni; N. N. Singh; D. Oliva; L. Scalini; J. Groeneweg
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