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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2003. Número 25 (4-5)


Posteroanterior motion test of a lumbar vertebra: accuracy of perception pp 170-178
S. V. Bjoumlrnsdoacutettir; S. Kumar
Functional capacity evaluation of manual materials handlers: a review pp 179-191
T. Jones; S. Kumar

Maneuverability and usability analysis of three knee-extension propelled wheelchairs pp 197-206
D. S. Bloswick; J. Erickson; D. R. Brown; G. Howell; W. Mecham

Wheelchair racing efficiency pp 207-212
R. A. Cooper; M. L. Boninger; R. Cooper; R. N. Robertson; F. D. Baldini

Effects of modular course training on mobility in older adults aged 79-90 years pp 213-217
M. E. Rogers; N. L. Rogers; B. S. Chaparro; L. Stumpfhauser; C. G. Halcomb

Application of SEMG in computer mouse access for the disabilities pp 218-223
Y. -L. Chen; S. -C. Chen; W. -L. Chen; J. -J. Luh; J. -S. Lai

The effect of automatic speech recognition systems on speaking workload and task efficiency pp 224-235
J. M. Rieger

Validity and reliability of sincerity test for dynamic trunk motions pp 236-241
S. A. Ferguson; S. Gallagher; W. S. Marras

Work load reduction through a new roll container traction device pp 242-246
R. A. Plantenga; A. I. M. Voorbij; C. J. Snijders; H. Voorbach
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