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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2004. Número 26 (2)

Research Paper

The effects of cognitive abilities on driving in people with Parkinson's disease pp 65-70
Kate A. Radford; Nadina B. Lincoln; Graham Lennox
Original Article

Prevalence of post-stroke depression in an Irish sample and its relationship with disability and outcome following inpatient rehabilitation pp 71-77
Eugene M. Cassidy; Rory O'Connor; Veronica O'Keane

Impairments, disabilities and health related quality of life after treatment for breast cancer: a follow-up study 2.7 years after surgery pp 78-84
Johan S. Rietman; Pieter U. Dijkstra; Rolanda Debreczeni; Jan HB Geertzen; Douglas PH Robinson; Jaap de Vries
Research Paper

Rehabilitation following hip fracture surgery: a comparative study of females and males pp 85-90
Devora Lieberman; David Lieberman
Long-term outcome of equestrian injuries in children pp 91-96
R. Dekker; CK van der Sluis; J. Kootstra; JW Groothoff; WH Eisma; HJ ten Duis

Impact of middle ear effusion on balance performance in children pp 97-102
B. Engel-Yeger; A. Golz; S. Parush
The reliability and validity of the Xhosa version of the EQ-5D pp 103-108
Jennifer Jelsma; Siviwe Mkoka; Ladele Amosun; Judith Nieuwveldt
Original Article

Reliability, validity and factor structure of the upper limb subscale of the Motor Assessment Scale (UL-MAS) in adults following stroke pp 109-116
Natasha A. Lannin
Research Paper

Effects of biofeedback treatment on gait in children with cerebral palsy pp 116-120
Erbil Dursun; Nigar Dursun; Duygu Alican
Rehabilitation in Practice

Barriers to accessing safe motherhood and reproductive health services: the situation of women with disabilities in Lusaka, Zambia pp 121-127
E. Smith; SF Murray; AK Yousafzai; L. Kasonka
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