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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2004. Número 26 (1)


Theoretical aspects of goal-setting and motivation in rehabilitation pp 1-8
Richard J. Siegert; William J. Taylor
Assistive Technology

Neck discomfort of wheelchair users: effect of neck position pp 9-15
R Lee Kirby; Christine L. Fahie; Cher Smith; Emma L. Chester; Donald A. Macleod
Original Article

Service providers' perception of affective influences on decision-making about treatments for chronic pain pp 16-20
Cary A. Brown

The influence of seat adjustment and a thoraco-lumbar-sacral orthosis on the distribution of body-seat pressure in children with scoliosis and pelvic obliquity pp 21-26
Yehudit Shoham; Shirley Meyer; Michal Katz-Leurer; Prof Patrice L. (Tamar) Weiss

A long time getting home: Vietnam Veterans' experiences in a community exercise rehabilitation programme pp 27-34
Leanne Otter; Dr Janet Currie

Chronic physical health conditions and disability among Canadian school-aged children: a national profile pp 35-45
Janette McDougall; Gillian King; David J. De Wit; Linda T. Miller; Sungjin Hong; David R. Offord; John Laporta; Katherine Meyer
Research Paper

Recovery from fibromyalgia - previous patients' own experiences pp 46-53
Anne Marit Mengshoel; Kristin Heggen
Rehabilitation in Practice

School bag carriage and pain in school children pp 54-59
T. Puckree; SP Silal; J. Lin

Evaluation of prosthetic usage in upper limb amputees pp 60-63
I. Dudkiewicz; R. Gabrielov; I. Seiv-Ner; G. Zelig; M. Heim
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