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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2005. Número 27 (23)

Research Article

Standard of living in the retirement survey: A predictor of six-year functional limitation onset and mortality in women, but not in men from ages 55 - 69 years pp 1415-1423
Dr Nicola A. Spiers; Ruth J. Matthews
Original Articles

The cognitive competence of speakers with acquired dysarthria: Judgements by doctors and speech and language therapists pp 1399-1403
A. Fox; T. Pring
Alzheimer's disease-associated disability: An ICF approach pp 1405-1413
Rossella Muograve; Antonio Schindler; Irene Vernero; Oskar Schindler; Ermanno Ferrario; Giovanni B. Frisoni

The Orpington Prognostic Scale for patients with stroke: Reliability and pilot predictive data for discharge destination and therapeutic services pp 1425-1433
Mary Rieck; Julie Moreland Research Coordinator, Associate Clinical Professor

A pilot study of a web-based physical activity motivational program for adults with physical disabilities pp 1435-1442
Maria kosma; Bradley J. Cardinal; Jeffrey A. Mccubbin

Vibration exposure of individuals using wheelchairs over sidewalk surfaces pp 1443-1449
Erik Wolf; Jonathan Pearlman; Rory A. Cooper; Shirley G. Fitzgerald; Annmarie Kelleher; Diane M. Collins; Michael L. Boninger; Rosemarie Cooper
Vision needs of people with intellectual disability in residential facilities and community-based homes for independent living pp 1451-1453
Richard Isralowitz; Michal Madar; Alexander Reznik
Use of health care among adults with chronic and complex physical disabilities of childhood pp 1455-1460
Nancy L. Young; Catherine Steele; Darcy Fehlings; Jeffery Jutai; Nancy Olmsted; Ivan J. Williams
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