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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2005. Número 27 (17)

Research Article

Development and reliability of the Motivation for Change Questionnaire pp 967-976
G. Gard; M. Rivano; B. Grahn

Reliability in assigning ICF codes to children with special health care needs using a developmentally structured interview pp 977-983
Rebecca A. Kronk; Julie A. Ogonowski; Carryn N. Rice; Heidi M. Feldman

The positive impact of multiple sclerosis (MS) on carers: Associations between carer benefit finding and positive and negative adjustment domains pp 985-997
Dr Kenneth I. Pakenham

Comparing self-report, clinical examination and functional testing in the assessment of work-related limitations in patients with chronic low back pain pp 999-1005
S. Brouwer; PU Dijkstra; RE Stewart; LNH Goumleken; JW Groothoff; JHB Geertzen

Functional performance and quality of life related to training and detraining of community-dwelling elderly pp 1007-1012
Luci Fuscaldi Teixeira-Salmela; Luciana Santiago; Renata Cristina Magalhatildees Lima; Daniela Murta Lana; Flaacutevia Fernandes Oliveira Camargos; Janine Gomes Cassiano

Women's perception of changes in the social network after a spinal cord injury pp 1013-1021
Gunilla Isaksson; Lisa Skaumlr; Jan Lexell

Discriminant ability of the Trunk Impairment Scale: A comparison between stroke patients and healthy individuals pp 1023-1028
G. Verheyden; A. Nieuwboer; H. Feys; V. Thijs; K. Vaes; W. de Weerdt
Clinical Commentary

Evaluation of the driving ability in disabled persons: A practitioners' view pp 1029-1036
Veli Matti Heikkilauml; Tapani Kallanranta
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