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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2005. Número 27 (10)

Research paper
Participation and activity performance of students with cerebral palsy within the school enviroment
R. Shenker, W. Coster; S. Parush pp 539-552
The Modified-Modified Schober Test for range of motion assessment of lumbar flexion in patients with low back pain: a study of criterion validity, intra- and inter- rater reliability and minimum metrically detectable change
M. Tousignant; L. Poulin; S. Marchand; A. Viau; C. Place pp 553-559
Original article
The values underlying team decision-making in work rehabilitation for musculoskeletal disorders
MD Patrick Loisel; Marlegravene Falardeau; Raymond Baril; Marie Joseacute-Durand; Ann Langley; Sandrine Sauveacute; Julie Gervais pp 561-569
Research Paper
Group training in patients with COPD - Long-term effects after decreased training frequency
Karin Wadell; Karin Henriksson-Larseacuten; Rune Lundgren; Gunnevi Sundelin pp 571-581
Clinical presentation, associated disorders and aetiological moments in Cerebral Palsy: A Dutch population-based study
MD, Senior Consultant in Child Rehabilitation MJ Wichers; E. Odding; HJ Stam; O. van Nieuwenhuizen pp 583-589
Rehabilitation in Practice
Wheelchair charity: A useless benevolence in community-based rehabilitation
Goutam Mukherjee; Amalendu Samanta pp 591-596
Case Study
Rupture of quadriceps tendon in a patient with postanoxic choreoathetosis
Dr Tatiana Vander; Beniamin Kish; Simon Strauss; Jacob Ronen; Vadim Bluvstein; Amiram Catz pp 597-599
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