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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2006. Número 28 (5)

Research Paper
Health behavior change models and theories: contributions to rehabilitation
Els R. Nieuwenhuijsen, Eric Zemper, Kathleen R. Miner, Marcy Epstein pp 245-256
Predicting employment outcomes of rehabilitation clients with orthopedic disabilities: A CHAID analysis
Fong Chan, Gladys Cheing, Jacob Yui Chung Chan, David A. Rosenthal, Julie Chronister pp 257-270
The perception of pain and pain-related cognitions in subacute whiplash-associated disorders: Its influence on prolonged disability
L. Bunketorp, M. Lindh, J. Carlsson, E. Stener-Victorin pp 271-279
Activity limitation and participation restriction in adults seeking hearing aid fitting and rehabilitation
Anne-Sofie Helvik, Geir Jacobsen, Siri Wennberg, Haakon Arnesen, Anders Ringdahl, Lillemor R-M. Hallberg pp 281-288
Original articles
Self-rated health as a predictor of return to work among employees on long-term sickness absence
Maaike Post, Boudien Krol, Johan W. Groothoff pp 289-297
A long-term population-based clinical and morbidity profile of Angelman syndrome in Western Australia: 1953-2003
A. K. Thomson, E. J. Glasson, A. H. Bittles pp 299-305
Depression is the main determinant of quality of life in multiple sclerosis: A classification-regression (CART) study
S. D'Alisa, G. Miscio, S. Baudo, A. Simone, L. Tesio, A. Mauro pp 307-314
Physiotherapy in Afghanistan: an analysis of current challenges
Jo Armstrong and Alastair Ager pp 315-322
Understanding partnerships in developing disabled entrepreneurs through participatory action research
L. Van Niekerk, T. Lorenzo, P. Mdlokolo pp 323-331
Prophylaxis of venous thromboembolism during early inpatient rehabilitation after acquired brain injury: How guidelines change management
Brent Elliott, Priyanka Patel, Manjit S. Matharu, Roger Amos, Samuel Machin, Clarence Liu, Richard Greenwood pp 333-337
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