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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2006. Número 28 (22)

Original articles
Gait and gait-related activities and fatigue in Parkinson's disease: What is the relationship?
Lynn Rochester; Diana Jones; Victoria Hetherington; Alice Nieuwboer; Anne-Marie Willems; Gert Kwakkel; Erwin Van Wegen pp 1365-1371
Cerebral palsy: Incidence and clinical features in Saudi Arabia
A. Al-Asmari; K. Al Moutaery; F. Akhdar; M. Al pp 1373-1377
Improving neuropsychological function after chronic brain injury with hyperbaric oxygen
Zarabeth Goleen; Charles J. Golden; Richard A. Neubauer pp 1379-1386
Reliability and construct validity of the client-centred rehabilitation questionnaire
Cheryl A. Cott Associate Professor, Gary Teare; Katherine S. McGilton; Sydney Lineker pp 1387-1397
Return to work and quality of life in severely injured patients
R. B. Post; C. K. Van Der Sluis; H. J. Ten Duis pp 1399-1404
Reliability and validity of the Hindi version of the Neck Pain and Disability Scale in cervical radiculopathy patients
Shabnam Agarwal; Garry T. Allison; Ajay Agarwal; Kevin P. pp 1405-141
Medico-legal and ethical aspects in the management of wandering patients following brain injury: Questionnaire survey
Tarek A-Z. K. pp 1413-1416
Gaber Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine
Use of time by physiotherapists and occupational therapists in a stroke rehabilitation unit: A comparison between four European rehabilitation centres
Koen Putman; Liesbet de Wit; Wilfried Schupp; Baert Ilse; Peter Berman; Louise Connell; Eddy Dejaeger; Anne-Marie de Meyer; Willy de Weerdt; Hilde Feys; Jenni Walter; Nadina Lincoln; FredLouckx; Martens Anneleen; Schuback Birgit; Bozena Smith; Mark Leys pp 1417-1424
Resource allocation for community-based therapy Sonya
Murchland;Wendy Wake-Dyster pp 1425-1432
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