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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2006. Número 28 (12)

Original articles
Purposes and mechanisms of goal planning in rehabilitation: The need for a critical distinction
William M. M. Levack, Sarah G. Dean, Richard J. Siegert, Kath M. McPherson pp 741-749
The risk of being fearful or fearless of falls in older people: An empirical validation
Kim Delbaere, Geert Crombez, Nele Van Den Noortgate, Tine Willems, Dirk Cambier pp 751-756
Investigations of the impact of altered auditory feedback in-the-ear devices on the speech of people who stutter: One-year follow-up
Andrew Stuart, Joseph Kalinowski, Tim Saltuklaroglu, Vijay K. Guntupalli pp 757-765
Research paper
Fitting back in: Adolescents returning to school after severe acquired brain injury
Nicole L. Sharp, Rosalind A. Bye, Gwynnyth M. Llewellyn, Anne Cusick pp 767-778
Case reports
A study of the physical rehabilitation and psychological state of patients who sustained limb loss as a result of terrorist activity in Northern Ireland 1969-2003
Lorraine Graham, R. C. Parke, M. C. Paterson, M. Stevenson pp 797-801
Original articles
Perceptions of persons with multiple sclerosis on cognitive changes and their impact on daily life
Eynat Shevil and Marcia Finlayson pp 779-788
Validity of six balance disorders scales in persons with multiple sclerosis
Davide Cattaneo, Alberto Regola, Matteo Meotti pp 789-795
Work-related hand injuries: Case analyses in a Brazilian rehabilitation service
Rosana Ferreira Sampaio, Marisa Cotta Mancini, Fabiana Caetano Martins Silva, Ieda Maria Figueiredo, Daniela Virgínia Vaz, Gisele Beatriz De Oliveira Alves pp 803-808
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