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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2006. Número 28 (1)

Research article
Informal in-hospital care in a rehabilitation setting in Greece: An estimation of the nursing staff required for substituting this care
D. Sapountzi-Krepia, V. Raftopoulos, M. Sgantzos, A. Dimitriadou, I. Ntourou, G. Sapkas pp 3-11
The Disability Discrimination Act, a necessary, but not sufficient safeguard for people with progressive conditions in the workplace? The experiences of younger people with Parkinson's disease
Pauline Banks and Maggie Lawrence pp 13-24
Health, quality of life, social network and use of health care: A comparison between those granted and those not granted disability pensions
Berit Ydreborg, Kerstin Ekberg, Anders Nordlund pp 25-32
A phase II clinical trial of self-imposed time-out treatment for stuttering in adults and adolescents
Sally Hewat, Mark Onslow, Ann Packman, Sue O'BriAn pp 33-42
Living setting and utilisation of ADL assistance one year after a stroke with special reference to gender differences
Peter Appelros, Ingegerd Nydevik, Andreas Terént pp 43-49
How do middle-aged patients conceive exercise as a form of treatment for knee osteoarthritis?
Carina A Thorstensson, Ewa M Roos, Ingemar F Petersson, Barbro Arvidsson pp 51-59
Functional outcomes after endoprosthetic knee reconstruction following resection of osteosarcoma near the knee
Jau-Yih Tsauo, Wei-Chun Li, Rong-Sen Yang pp 61-66
Integrating physical medicine and rehabilitation into the curriculum of Iranian medical students
Reza G. Raissi, Babak Vahdatpour, Alireza Ashraf, Kourosh Mansouri pp 67-70
Rehabilitation medicine summit: Building research capacity
Walter R. Frontera, Marcus J. Fuhrer, Alan M. Jette, Leighton Chan, Rory A. Cooper, Pamela W. Duncan, John D. Kemp, Kenneth J. Ottenbacher, P. Hunter Peckham, Elliot J. Roth, Denise G. Tated pp 71-75
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