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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2007. Número 29 (8)

Original Articles
Effectiveness of workplace rehabilitation interventions in the treatment of work-related low back pain: A systematic review
R. M. Williams; M. G. Westmorland; C. A. Lin; G. Schmuck; M. Creen pp 607-624
Masculine role variables and outcomes among men with spinal cord injury
Laura H. Schopp ABPP; Glenn E. Good; Micah O. Mazurek; Katharine B. Barker; Renee C. Stucky pp 625-633
A comparison of a hospital-based and two home-based rehabilitation programmes
Briony Dow; Kirsten Black; Fiona Bremner; Marcia Fearn pp 635-641
Physiological cost index (PCI) and walking performance in individuals with transfemoral prostheses compared to healthy controls
K. Hagberg; E. Häggström; R. Branemark pp 643-649
Pain perception during the rehabilitation phase following traumatic hip fracture in the elderly is an important prognostic factor and treatment tool
Zeev Arinzon; Reuven Gepstein; Shay Shabat; Yitshal Berner pp 651-658
Computerized gait analysis of Botulinum Toxin treatment in children with cerebral palsy
Manuela Galli; Veronica Cimolin; Enza Maria Valente; Marcello Crivellini; Tamara Ialongo; Giorgio Albertini pp 659-664
The availability of allied health care in nursing homes
Marike E. De Boer; C. J. Leemrijse; C. H. M. Van Den Ende; M. W. Ribbe; J. Dekker pp 665-670
The Papworth Early Rehabilitation Programme: Vocational outcomes
M. Desouza MRCP; M. Sycamore; S. Little; S. G. B. Kirker pp 671-677
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