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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2007. Número 29 (5)

Originals articles
Determinants of depression in chronic stroke: A prospective cohort study
Ingrid G. L. van de Port; Gert Kwakkel; Margje Bruin; Eline Lindeman pp 353-358
Relationship between self-reported upper limb disability and quantitative tests in hand-arm vibration syndrome
Kerry Poole; Howard Mason pp 359-366
HIV/AIDS and disability: Differences in HIV/AIDS knowledge between deaf and hearing people in Nigeria
N. E. Groce; A. K. Yousafzai; F. van der Maas pp 367-371
Validation of the Dutch Giving Youth a Voice Questionnaire (GYV-20): A measure of the client-centredness of rehabilitation services from an adolescent perspective
Renate C. Siebes; Lex Wijnroks; Marjolijn Ketelaar; Petra E. M. van Schie; Adri Vermeer; Jan Willem Gorter pp 373-380
The immigrant patient having widespread pain. Clinical findings by physicians in Swedish primary care
Monica B. Lofvander Family physician; Alf W. Engström pp 381-388
Goal setting in neurological rehabilitation: Patients' perspectives
R. C. Holliday; C. Ballinger Reader in Occupational Therapy; E. D. Playford pp 389-394
The effect of perceived adherence to the Bobath concept on physiotherapists' choice of intervention used to treat postural control after stroke
S. F. Tyson; A. B. Selley pp 395-401
Evaluation of a consumer-personal assistant training project
Laura H. Schopp; Mary J. Clark; Kristofer J. Hagglund; Emily K. Mokelke; Brian J. Stout; Micah O. Mazurek pp 403-410
Stress-related sickness absence and return to labour market in Sweden
Lars-Gunnar Engström; Staffan Janson pp 411-416
Reduction of disability after stroke is a more informative predictor of long-time survival than initial disability status
Shin-Liang Pan; Shwu-Chong Wu; Ti-Kai Lee; Tony Hsiu-Hsi Chen pp 417-423
Economic empowerment and black disabled entrepreneurs: Negotiating partnerships in Cape Town, South Africa
T. Lorenzo; L. van Niekerk; P. Mdlokolo pp 429-436
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