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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2007. Número 29 (24)

Research Paper
Identification of risk factors related to perceived unmet demands in patients with chronic stroke
I. G. L. van de Port; G. A. M. van den Bos; M. Voorendt; G. Kwakkel; E. Lindeman pp 1841-1846
Psychosocial adjustment patterns of persons with spinal cord injury in Taiwan
Ming-Yi Wu; Fong Chan pp 1847-1857
Working after a stroke: Survivors' experiences and perceptions of barriers to and facilitators of the return to paid employment
Andy Alaszewski; Helen Alaszewski; Jonathan Potter; Bridget Penhale pp 1858-1869
Clinometric properties of a clinical spasticity measurement tool
G. E. Voerman; J. H. Burridge; R. A. Hitchcock; H. J. Hermens pp 1870-1880
Posturographic testing and motor learning predictability in gymnasts
Frederick R. Carrick; Elena Oggero; Guido Pagnacco; J. Brandon Brock; Tina Arikan pp 1881-1889
Urban/rural differences in health insurance coverage among people with multiple sclerosis
Robert J. Buchanan; Li Zhu; Wesley James pp 1890-1898
Chronic low back pain: Patients' experiences, opinions and expectations for clinical management
Sarah Dianne Liddle; G. David Baxter; Jacqueline H. Gracey pp 1899-1909
Is part-time work a good or bad opportunity for people with disabilities? A European analysis
Ricardo Pagán pp 1910-1919
Reliability of four scales on balance disorders in persons with multiple sclerosis
Davide Cattaneo; Johanna Jonsdottir; Stefania Repetti pp 1920-1925
The Spinal Cord Independence Measure (SCIM) version III: Reliability and validity in a multi-center international study
M. Itzkovich; I. Gelernter; F. Biering-Sorensen; C. Weeks; M. T. Laramee; B. C. Craven; M. Tonack; S. L. Hitzig; E. Glaser; G. Zeilig; S. Aito; G. Scivoletto; M. Mecci; R. J. Chadwick; W. S. El Masry; A. Osman; C. A. Glass; P. Silva; B. M. Soni; B. P. Gardner; G. Savic; E. M. Bergström; V. Bluvshtein; J. Ronen; A. Catz pp 1926-1933
Rehabilitation in Practice
Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in Parkinson's disease
T. A. Zesiewicz; A. Patel-Larson; R. A. Hauser; K. L. Sullivan pp 1934-1936
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