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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2007. Número 29 (22)

Research Paper
Assessment of fatigue in patients with fibromyalgia and chronic widespread pain. Reliability and validity of the Swedish version of the MFI-20
Anna Ericsson; Kaisa Mannerkorpi pp 1665-1670
Daily functioning of dyspnea, self-esteem and physical self in patients with moderate COPD before, during and after a first inpatient rehabilitation program
Gregory Ninot; Gregory Moullec; Jacques Desplan; Christian Prefaut; Alain Varray pp 1671-1678
To regain participation in occupations through human encounters - narratives from women with spinal cord injury
Gunilla Isaksson; Staffan Josephsson; Jan Lexell; Lisa Skär pp 1679-1688
The utility of ICF for describing interaction in non-speaking children with disabilities - caregiver ratings and perceptions
Nina Ibragimova; Anne Lillvist; Mia Pless; Mats Granlund pp 1689-1700
A computerised communication aid in severe aphasia: An exploratory study
W. Mieke; E. van de Sandt-Koenderman; Jiska Wiegers; Sandra M. Wielaert; Hugo J. Duivenvoorden; Gerard M. Ribbers pp 1701-1709
Evaluation of virtual shopping in the VMall: Comparison of post-stroke participants to healthy control groups
Debbie Rand; Noomi Katz; Patrice L. Weiss pp 1710-1719
Characteristics of disability pensioners returning to work: An interview study among individuals with musculoskeletal disorders
Lena Edén; H. Ingemar Andersson; Göran Ejlertsson; Britt Inger Ekström; Yvonne Johansson; Ido Leden pp 1720-1726
Injury among 1107 Canadian students with self-identified disabilities
Sudha R. Raman; William Boyce; William Pickett pp 1727-1735
Postoperative hand therapy in Dupuytren's disease
Hester Herweijer; Pieter U. Dijkstra; Jean-Philippe A. Nicolai; Corry K. van der Sluis pp 1736-1741
Blending activity and participation sub-domains of the ICF
Alan M. Jette; Wei Tao; Stephen M. Haley pp 1742-1750
Rehabilitation in Practice
Vegetative and minimally conscious state(s) survey: Attitudes of clinical neuropsychologists and speech and language therapists
F. Colin Wilson; Jocelyn Harpur; Nigel McConnell pp 1751-1756
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