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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2007. Número 29 (13)

Original Articles
'Factors contributing to upper limb recovery after stroke: A survey of stroke survivors in Queensland Australia'
Ruth N. Barker; Toby J. Gill; Sandra G. Brauer pp 981-989
Maugeri Respiratory Failure questionnaire reduced form: A method for improving the questionnaire using the Rasch model
G. Vidotto; M. Carone; P. W. Jones; S. Salini; G. Bertolotti; On behalf of the Quess Group pp 991-998
A spiritually-based measure of holistic health for those with disabilities: Development, preliminary reliability and validity assessment
K. Faull; M. D. Hills pp 999-1010
An analysis of the communication during an enhanced and structured information exchange between social insurance physicians and occupational physicians in disability management in Belgium
Anna Katharina Mortelmans; Peter Donceel; Dirk Lahaye; Simon Bulterys pp 1011-1020
Understanding 'Independence': Perspectives of occupational therapists
Akiko Tamaru; Mary Ann McColl; Setsuko Yamasaki pp 1021-1033
Upper limb sensorimotor function and functional performance in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Lindsay M. Bearne; Annette F. Coomer; Michael V. Hurley pp 1035-1039
Longitudinal study evaluating a seating system using a sacral pad and kneeblock for children with cerebral palsy
Rachael L. McDonald; Robert Surtees pp 1041-1047
From satisfaction to expectation: The patient's perspective in lower limb prosthetic care
Harmen Van der Linde; Cheriel J. Hofstad; Jan H. B. Geertzen; Klaas Postema; Jacques Van Limbeek pp 1049-1055
Claims of a 'new' stuttering treatment using time-out from speaking are exaggerated: A brief review of the literature and commentary on Hewat et al. (2006)
Jack E. James pp 1057-1060
Down memory lane with James and time-out
Ann Packman; Mark Onslow; Sue O'Brian; Sally Hewat pp 1061-1065
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