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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2007. Número 29 (11-12) Especial

Original Articles
Community-based rehabilitation and orthopaedic surgery for children with motor impairment in an African context
Norgrove Penny; Regina Zulianello; Marieke Dreise; Michiel Steenbeek pp 839-843
Understanding the barriers to clubfoot treatment adherence in Uganda: A rapid ethnographic study
T. McElroy; J. Konde-Lule; S. Neema; S. Gitta; The Uganda Sustainable Clubfoot Care Project pp 845-855
Club foot treatment in Malawi - a public health approach
C. B. D. Lavy; S. J. Mannion; N. C. Mkandawire; A. Tindall; C. Steinlechner; S. Chimangeni; E. Chipofya pp 857-862
Comparison of á priori alignment techniques for transtibial prostheses in the developing world - pilot study
Kim D. Reisinger; Hector Casanova; Yeongchi Wu; Celene Moorer pp 873-881
Out-patient rehabilitation programme for spinal cord injured patients: Evaluation of the results on motor FIM score
Luz Helena Lugo; Fabio Salinas; Héctor Iván García pp 863-872
Motor recovery after Guillain-Barré syndrome in childhood
Fernando Ortiz-Corredor; Marta Peña-Preciado; Jorge Díaz-Ruíz pp 883-889
Rural access to vocational rehabilitation services: Minority farmers' perspective
Ari Mwachofi Assistant Professor pp 891-902
Physical therapy education and provision in Cambodia: A framework for choice of systems for development projects
Kim Dunleavy Assistant Professor pp 903-920
Medical rehabilitation in Ghana
M. J. Tinney; A. Chiodo; A. Haig; E. Wiredu pp 921-927
Medical students' perspectives of blindness, deafness, and deafblindness
J. F. A. Owoeye; F. E. Ologe; T. M. Akande pp 929-933
Evaluation of CIR-Whirlwind Wheelchair and service provision in Afghanistan
William Armstrong; Kim D. Reisinger; William K. Smith pp 935-948
New design and development of a manual wheelchair for India
Emily Zipfel; Rory A. Cooper; Jon Pearlman; Rosemarie Cooper; Mark Mccartney pp 949-962
A sports wheelchair for low-income countries
Erica L. Authier; Jon Pearlman; Ana L. Allegretti; Ian Rice; Rory A. Cooper pp 963-967
Applicability of the Wheelchair Skills Program to the Indian context
R. Lee Kirby; Rory A. Cooper pp 969-972
Promoting effective interventions for neglected health conditions in developing countries
Bolajoko O. Olusanya pp 973-976
Developing world rehabilitation strategy II: Flex the muscles, train the brain, and adapt to the impairment
Andrew J. Haig MD; Associate Professor pp 977-979
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