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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2007. Número 29 (10)

Original Articles
Adapting the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure for use in a paediatric clinical trial
Anne Cusick; Natasha A. Lannin; Kevin Lowe pp 761-766
The development of a clinical practice stroke guideline for physiotherapists in The Netherlands: A systematic review of available evidence
R. P. S. Van Peppen; H. J. M. Hendriks; N. L. U. Van Meeteren; P. J. M. Helders; G. Kwakkel pp 767-783
Characteristics of the Frenchay Activities Index one year after a stroke: A population-based study
Peter Appelros pp 785-790
The relationship between work function and low back pain history in occupationally active individuals
Navah Z. Ratzon; Tal Jarus; Amiram Catz Medical Director pp 791-796
Are vertical meridian effects due to audio-visual interference? A new confirmation with deaf subjects
Marta Olivetti Belardinelli; Valerio Santangelo; Fabiano Botta; Stefano Federici pp 797-804
Predictors of functional disability in rheumatoid arthritis: Results from a 13-year prospective study
Mathilde M. H. Strating; Wijbrandt H. Van Schuur; Theo P. B. M. Suurmeijer pp 805-815
Trends in Australian rehabilitation: Reviving its humanitarian core
Elizabeth Kendall; Heidi Muenchberger; Jayne Clapton pp 817-823
A research study into the requirements of disabled residents for rehabilitation services in Beijing
Yin Zongjie; Dai Hong; Xiao Zhongxin; Xue Hui pp 825-833
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