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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2009. Número 31 (2)

Research Papers
Going home to get on with life: Patients and carers experiences of being discharged from hospital following a stroke pp 61-72
C. Ellis-Hill; J. Robison; R. Wiles; K. McPherson; D. Hyndman; A. Ashburn; On Behalf Of The Stroke Association Rehabilitation Research Centre Team
An empirical analysis on the incidence of part-time work among women with disabilities pp 73-83
Ricardo Pagaacuten-Rodriacuteguez

Comparison two-year effects of once-weekly and twice-weekly water exercise on health-related quality of life of community-dwelling frail elderly people at a day-service facility pp 84-93
Daisuke Sato; Koichi Kaneda; Hitoshi Wakabayashi; Takeo Nomura

Functional characteristics of children diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech pp 94-102
Esther Glick Teverovsky; Julie Ogonowski Bickel; Heidi M. Feldman

Relationships between muscular torque and gait speed in chronic hemiparetic subjects pp 103-108
Ceciacutelia Nasciutti-Prudente; Fabiana G. Oliveira; Sandra F. Houri; Faacutetima Rodrigues de Paula Goulart; Miguel H. Neto; Luci Fuscaldi Teixeira-Salmela

The relationship between upper limb activity and impairment in post-stroke hemiplegia pp 109-117
Jane H. Burridge; Ruth Turk; Scott V. Notley; Ruth M. Pickering; David M. Simpson

Interactive drama in complex neurological disability management p 118-130
Anne Fenech

Outcome of multidisciplinary investigations of long-term sickness absentees pp 131-137
Peter Salmi; Pia Svedberg; Jan Hagberg; Goumlran Lundh; Juumlrgen Linder; Kristina Alexanderson
Rehabilitation in Practice

Pre prosthetic mobility: The amputees' perspectives pp 138-143
D. Stokes; J. Curzio; A. Berry; E. Bacon; M. Morten; L. Barker

Using ICF-Environment factors to enhance the continuum of outpatient ABI rehabilitation: An exploratory study pp 144-151
Pim Kuipers; Michele Foster; Sharon Smith; Jennifer Fleming
Clinical Commentary

Connecting with clinicians: Opportunities to strengthen rehabilitation research pp 152-159
Louise Demers; Lise Poissant
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