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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Año 2015. Número 3 (4)

Recommendations of the Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy Strand From the National Goals 2015 Conference
Karrie A. Shogren, Brian Abery, Anthony Antosh, Ricky Broussard, Barbara Coppens, Chester Finn, Amy Goodman, Cheryl Harris, Jennifer Knapp, Jonathan Martinis, Ari Ne'eman, Tia Nelis and Michael L. Wehmeyer
National Research Goals for Social Inclusion of People With IDD
Matthew Bogenschutz, Angela Amado, Cindy Smith, Erik Carter, Mauretta Copeland, John Dattilo, Bill Gaventa, Sarah Hall, Mark McManus, Sabra Quraishi, Lyle Romer and Pamela Walker
National Goals for the Education of Children and Youth With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Honoring the Past While Moving Forward
Colleen A. Thoma, Irina Cain and Christine Walther-Thomas
Employment and Economic Self-Sufficiency: 2015 National Goals for Research, Policy, and Practice
Derek Nord, Allison Barkoff, John Butterworth, Dawn Carlson, Robert Cimera, Ellen Fabian, Teresa Grossi, Allison Hall, Jonathan Lucus, Kelly Nye-Lengerman, Wendy Strobel Gower, Milton Tyree, Sarah Von Schrader and Allison Wohl
Long-Term Services and Supports
Randall Owen, Alexandra Bonardi, Val Bradley, John Butterworth, Joe Caldwell, Robin Cooper, Yochai Eisenberg, Marty Ford, Amy Hewitt, Sheryl A. Larson, Mary Kay Rizzolo, David Rotholz, Chris Stewart, Beth Terrill and Cathy Ficker Terrill
Health and Wellness Strand: Recommendations From National Goals Conference 2015
Jasmina Sisirak and Beth Marks
Aging Among Older Adults With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Setting National Goals to Address Transitions in Health, Retirement, and Late-Life
Joan Earle Hahn, Susan Fox and Matthew P. Janicki
National Goals for Supporting Families Across the Life Course
Michelle C. Reynolds, George S. Gotto, Catherine Arnold, Thomas L. Boehm, Sandra Magaña, Parthenia Dinora, Mary Lee Fay and Robin Shaffert
Workforce: Goals for Research and Innovation
Colleen McLaughlin, Lori Sedlezky, Harolyn Belcher, Abby Marquand and Amy Hewitt
Access to Justice
Leigh Ann Davis, Julie Petty and Roberta Sick

Toward 2025: Promoting Valued Outcomes for People With IDD Through National Goals 2015
Amy Hewitt, Tamar Heller and John Butterworth
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