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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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JVIB: Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness

Año 2018. Número 112 (3)

Early Intervention
Applying the Foundational Concepts from Early Intervention to Services Provided to Young Children with Visual Impairments: A Literature Review
Mindy S. Ely and Michaelene M. Ostrosky
Intercountry Adoption of Children with Visual Impairments: An Exploratory Study
Paula Wenner Conroy
Cerebral Visual Impairment
The Perspectives of Teachers and Paraeducators on the Relationship Between Classroom Clutter and Learning Experiences for Students with Cerebral Visual Impairment
Nicola McDowell and Julia Budd
Psychosocial Issues
Fitting In or Feeling Excluded: The Experiences of High School Students with Visual Impairments
Glenda Jessup, Anita C. Bundy, Alex Broom, and Nicola Hancock
Participant Experiences in an Employment Mentoring Program for College Students with Visual Impairments
Karla Antonelli, Jamie O'Mally, and Anne Steverson
Comparison of Perimeters: Intuitive Interference in People Who Are Blind
Orly Lahav and Reuven Babai
Practice Perspectives
Accommodations and Modifications for Individuals with Visual Impairments: Too Many or Not Enough?
Rona L. Pogrund
Increasing Access to Vision Rehabilitation Services for Seniors Through Collaboration with Occupational Therapists
Kendra Farrow, Cathy Holden, Ed Lecher, and Lisa Larges
Practice Reports
Orientation and Mobility Modifications and Adaptations for Safe Travel by Older Adults
John W. McAllister
Survey of Music Programs at State Residential Schools for Blind Students
Edward P. Kahler, Jeremy M. Coleman, and Della Molloy-Daugherty
The Study of Foreign Languages by Students Who Are Blind Using the JAWS Screen Reader and a Refreshable Braille Display
Gaylen Kapperman, Elizabeth Koster, and Rachel Burman
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