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JVIB: Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness

Año 2017. Número 111 (5)

Orientation and Mobility
The Effect of the Color of a Long Cane Used by Individuals Who Are Visually Impaired on the Yielding Behavior of Drivers
Eugene A. Bourquin, Robert Wall Emerson, Dona Sauerburger, and Janet Barlow
Psychosocial Issues
Mental Health among Children and Young Adults with Visual Impairments: A Systematic Review
Liv Berit Augestad
Development and Standardization of an Alienation Scale for Visually Impaired Students
Poonam Punia and Sandeep Berwal
Procedures and Tools Used by Teachers When Completing Functional Vision Assessments with Children with Visual Impairments
Justin T. Kaiser and Tina S. Herzberg
Low Vision
Lessons Learned from the Creation of a Center of Excellence in Low Vision and Vision Rehabilitation in Wenzhou, China
Rebecca Marinoff and Michael H. Heiberger
Practice Perspectives
Process-Driven Math: An Auditory Method of Mathematics Instruction and Assessment for Students Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision
Ann P. Gulley, Luke A. Smith, Jordan A. Price, Logan C. Prickett, and Matthew F. Ragland
Practice Report
A Comparative Analysis of Contracted Versus Alphabetical English Braille and Attitudes of English as a Foreign Language Learners: A Case Study of a Farsi-Speaking Visually Impaired Student
Mohsen Mobaraki, Saber Atash Nazarloo, and Elaheh Toosheh
Research Report
Workplace Discrimination and Visual Impairment: A Comparison of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Charges and Resolutions Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act
Callie M. Victor, Leroy R. Thacker, Kelli W. Gary, Dianne T. V. Pawluk, and Al Copolillo
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