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JVIB: Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness

Año 2013. Número 107 (6)

Special Issue on Transition and Employment Contents
Articles & Reports
A Quantitative Analysis of the Work Experiences of Adults with Visual Impairments in Nigeria
Karen E. Wolffe, Paul M. Ajuwon, and Stacy M. Kelly
Working with Visual Impairment in Nigeria: A Qualitative Look at Employment Status
Karen E. Wolffe, Paul M. Ajuwon, and Stacy M. Kelly
Agency Decision-Making Control and Employment Outcomes by Vocational Rehabilitation Consumers Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired
Bernard A. Steinman, Ngai Kwan, Heike Boeltzig-Brown, Kelly Haines, John Halliday, and Susan M. Foley
Disability Insurance Beneficiaries with Visual Impairments in Vocational Rehabilitation: Socio-demographic Influences on Employment
J. Martin Giesen and Brenda S. Cavenaugh
Predictors of Employment Outcomes for People with Visual Impairment in Taiwan: The Contribution of Disability Employment Services
Yuh Jang, Yun-Tung Wang, Meng-Hsiu Lin, and Kevin J. Shih
Development and Adaptation of an Employment-Integration Program for People Who Are Visually Impaired in Quebec, Canada
Walter Wittich, Donald H. Watanabe, Lizabeth Scully, and Martin Bergevin
Social Skills for Youths with Visual Impairments: A Meta-Analysis
Kathryn D. Botsford
Research Report
Labor Force Participation Rates among Working-Age Individuals with Visual Impairments
Stacy M. Kelly
Practice Report
Maine's Employability Skills Program
John M. McMahon, Karen E. Wolffe, Judy Wolfe, and Carrie Brooker
Practice Perspectives
Working Toward Employment: Preparing for Tomorrow and Beyond
Jane N. Erin
Activities to Encourage Employability Skills in Middle Childhood
Natalie Kaine and Rebecca Kent
A Team Approach for the Transition to Middle School and Beyond for a Young Man Who Is Deafblind and Gifted
Craig L. Phillips, Jeri L. Hile, and Traci L. Jardes
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