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JVIB: Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness

Año 2009. Número 103 (7)

Social Support in the Workplace for Working-Age Adults with Visual Impairments
Doxa Papakonstantinou and Konstantinos Papadopoulos
The research presented in this article investigated the social support provided in the workplace for persons with visual impairments. The results reveal the more frequently demonstrated forms of positive and negative social support, the range of social support, and the level of satisfaction with this support.
Perception of Synthetic and Natural Speech by Adults with Visual Impairments
Konstantinos Papadopoulos, Athanasios Koutsoklenis, Evangelia Katemidou, and Areti Okalidou
This study investigated the intelligibility and comprehensibility of natural speech in comparison to synthetic speech. The results demonstrate the type of errors; the relationship between intelligibility and comprehensibility; and the correlation between intelligibility and comprehensibility and key factors, such as the frequency of use of text-to-speech systems.
Prevalence of Visual Impairments in Adults with Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities in a Sheltered Workshop in Germany
Anne Henriksen and Sven Degenhardt
Individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities have a high probability of visual impairment. This study revealed the effects of deficits in the appropriate diagnosis of vision and medical treatment, as well as the lack of necessary refraction correction and support, specifically for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
The Development of a Universal Tangible Symbol System
Ellen Trief, Susan M. Bruce, Paul W. Cascella, and Sarah Ivy
Tactile Classification of Traditional and Computerized Media in Three Adolescents Who Are Blind
Katia Rovira and Olivier Gapenne
Louis Braille Celebration: Braille Becomes Electric: The Trials and Triumphs of Braille Translation Software
Joe Sullivan
This Mattered to Me: "Impact of Curb Ramps on the Safety of Persons Who Are Blind," by Billie Louise Bentzen and Janet M. Barlow
Recommended by Dona Sauerburger
Web Special Feature: Impact of Curb Ramps on the Safety of Persons Who Are Blind
By Billie Louise Bentzen and Janet M. Barlow
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