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JVIB: Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness

Año 2006. Número 100 (6)

Orientation & Mobility: Orientation and Mobility Content for Children and Youths: A Delphi Approach Pilot Study
Robert S. Wall Emerson; Anne L. Corn pp 331-342
Abstract: A panel of 20 experts in orientation and mobility (O&M) reached consensus on concepts and skills that O&M specialists should teach to students who are blind or have low vision. Panelists also agreed on visual, environmental, and behavioral conditions that would require a formal O&M assessment
Rehabilitation: Life Goals in Vision Rehabilitation: Are They Addressed and How?
Verena R. Cimarolli; Kathrin Boerner; Shu-wen Wang pp 343-352
Abstract: This study explored if and how vision rehabilitation services address important life goals of young and middle-aged adults who are visually impaired. It found that services that teach functional skills and offer psychosocial therapeutic-type services were instrumental in addressing life goals and that independence-related goals were most often addressed, but leisure-related goals were least often addressed
Listening Comprehension: The Effect of a Summarization-Based Cumulative Retelling Strategy on Listening Comprehension of College Students with Visual Impairments
A. Tuba Tuncer; Banu Altunay pp 353-365
Abstract: Because students with visual impairments need auditory materials in order to access information, listening comprehension skills are important to their academic success. The present study investigated the effectiveness of summarization-based cumulative retelling strategy on the listening comprehension of four visually impaired college students. An adapted multiple-investigation design across subjects was used. Findings suggest that the instructional procedures led to increased listening comprehension among participants, and that these gains were maintained at follow-up 30 days later
Research Reports: The Self-concept of Spanish Young Adults with Retinitis Pigmentosa
María Dolores López-Justicia; Inmaculada Nieto Córdoba pp 366-370
This study was supported by the Andalusian Regional Government through Research Group HUM0232, Psicología de la Intervención Educativa, and the Program "Desarrollo personal y social de los afectados de Retinosis Pigmentaria" (Consejería de Salud de Andalucía, Expte: 180/03/84). We thank Karen Shashok and Nareene Kaloyan for translating the original manuscript into English.
Changes in Patterns of Age-Related Visual Impairment in the Netherlands: A Comparison of Two Cohorts of Patients Referred to Rehabilitation Programs 10 Years Apart
Ger H. M. B. van Rens; Judith A. Lens; Michael R. de Boer pp 370-375
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