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JVIB: Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness

Año 2006. Número 100 (10)

Introduction: Education Issues in Brief: A Gift from the Fellows of the National Center on Leadership in Visual Impairment
Jane N.; Erin and Mark Richert, print edition pp 588-590
Issue Briefs: Highly Qualified Personnel and Implications for Teachers of Students Who Are Visually Impaired
Tilly R. Steele; Lynn Fox, and Beth Harris, print edition pp 590-592
Least-Restrictive Environment for Students with Visual Impairments
Derrick Smith and Tiffany Wild, print edition pp 592-593
Personnel Shortage and Caseload Management of Students with Visual Impairments: Children at Risk
Sharon Summers, Laurel Leigh; and Jennifer Arnold, print edition pp 593-594
Teachers of Visually Impaired Students as Providers of Related Services? "Supportive Services" versus "Specially Designed Instruction"
Lori Johnson and Holly Lawson, print edition pp 595-596
The Expanded Core Curriculum for Students Who Are Visually Impaired
Heather McDonough; Eric Sticken, and Stacy Haack, print edition pp 596-598
High-Stakes Testing and Implications for Students with Visual Impairments and Other Disabilities
Kim Zebehazy, Elizabeth Hartmann, and Julie Durando, print edition pp 598-601
The Future of Leadership in the Field of Visual Impairment
Shawn Sweet-Bernard and Donna Brostek, print edition pp 601-603
Speaker's Corner: A Call to Action: Are We Ready for Related Services? Do We Want To Be?
Kay Alicyn Ferrell and Sharon Zell Sacks, print edition pp 603-605
Learning and Using Print and Braille: A Study of Dual-media Learners, Part 1
Kelly E. Lusk and Anne L. Corn, print edition pp 606-619
Divergent Development of Gross Motor Skills in Children Who Are Blind or Sighted
Michael Brambring, print edition pp 620-634
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